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Learn Breaking and Hip Hop Dance IN A POSITIVE ENVIRONMENT from world class Instructors that have travelled the globe training, performing and instructing.

Aaron and Kendra Melanson – Directors Global eXpression Dance Studio-

Founded in 2009




GX Dance Studio Breaking Instructor

AARON MELANSON AKA BBOY APLUS, was born and raised in Edmonton Alberta and moved to Calgary in 1997 where he began BBoying. He has been active in Original Rudes Crew out of Calgary and Fresh Format out of Montreal and since 2015 has formed Floor Convicts Crew in Medicine Hat. He has trained in Breaking for 20+ years which has taken him around the world to Holland, Australia, Ukraine, Belize and U.S.A. He has competed in 100’s of battles has won many which have made him known as one of Canada’s best. BBOY APLUS is known for his aggressive style filled with explosive power moves and dynamic footwork. He has been noticed by many students as having an eye to instruct Breaking like no one else. He has used BBoying as a tool to travel the world teaching youth how to live a positive healthy lifestyle and applies his years of experience to help train BBoys be the best they can be.

See the video below when In 2011 Aaron won a competition to get flown out to the Olympics of Breakdancing (IBE) to represent Canada. He won the Calgary qualifier  beating some of Canada’s best for the spot to go to Netherlands and compete representing Canada.

GX Dance Studio Hip Hop Instructor

KENDRA MELANSON AKA BGIRL QUEST, was born in Saskatoon Saskatchewan where she began dancing at the age of 4. She trained technique at Saskatoon School of Dance for 13 years reaching a goal of performing with Polvychenko Folkloric Ensemble in Saskatoon. In 2001 she was ready for change and she began to BGirl with J-Fish Floor Crew.  She joined the missions dance company called GX International out of Kansas City Missouri in 2002 and toured with Breakers, Hip Hop Dancers, Skaters, BMX and DJs dancing for audiences of up to 30,000 people. GX International has taken her around the world to Ukraine, Holland, Australia, Denmark, Norway, U.S.A, India, Belize and New Zealand where she has instructed classes, put on workshops, trained, battled and performed. As a touring dance artist Kendra has competed and won hip hop and breaking competitions in Australia, Canada, USA and New Zealand and performed with EPO Show Company, as well as lead Summer Breaking Camps for youth at Eagle’s Nest Ranch. Currently, she owns and teaches at Gx Dance Studio- a Hip Hop and Breaking Dance Studio in Medicine Hat with her husband Aaron Melanson AKA BBoy APLUS. As a dancer Kendra is known for her ability to adapt to various styles. Dance styles she has trained in include Breaking, Hip Hop Freestyle, Hip Hop Choreography, Street Styles with focus on Popping, Locking and some Modern and Lyrical. As a BGirl she is known for her style and ability to light up a track of music by hitting beats and continues to enter battles and train in Hip Hop to have fun and stay on the top of her game. Her goal is excellence in dance so she may influence other dancers and upcoming youth to live a positive healthy lifestyle.


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Congratulations to Aaron Melanson: Gx Dance Studio Breaking Instructor for winning the Canadian BBoy Championships and earning a spot on the National Team to represent Canada in the Netherlands Sept 9-11 2011.

Here’s Aaron / Bboy Aplus reppin hard at one touch 2011 in Calgary. This year Aaron won for the 2nd year in a row.

Here’s Aplus and his crew from montreal fresh format repping hard in a 5 on 5 making top 4 in a 5 on 5 with only 3 people.



Location 635 – 4th Street SE Medicine Hat, AB T1A 0L1 (INSIDE ST. BARNABUS CHURCH) Phone 403 487 BBOY(2269) E-mail gxdancestudio@gmail.com Hours CURRENTLY CLOSED DUE TO COVID 19 RESISTRICTIONS Mon 4-9 Tues 4-9 Wed 4-9 Thurs 330-830 Fri 6-8 Sat 10-8- by private lesson appointment only closed december
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